1. Visit our website

Visit our Join Our Team on a computer or mobile device to join up. Make sure that your papers are accessible from your chosen device. You can submit documents captured using the mobile device’s camera as long as they are legible.

2. Easily upload your documents

The simple online registration process will then be explained to you, and you can upload the needed paperwork and provide your references. In order for the care home operators who book their shifts to ensure that their residents are in capable hands, we examine things like your DBS certificate and references. Additionally, we need a photo of your passport or biometric ID card to do a Right to Work check to confirm your employment eligibility in the UK. With Star Care Team, your information is kept private and is never disclosed to outside parties. Are you unsure that you have all the required training documents? All training courses are available online through Star Care Team.

3. Complete your senior carer or carer profile on Star Care Team

You can complete your Star Care Team senior carer or carer profile while you wait for your credentials to be checked and references to be verified.

4. Book shifts!

You can book ahead for the open shifts in your area once your application has been verified. Choose them by weekdays or weekends, day or night shifts, date range and radius. With Star Care Team, the online registration process is nothing to be worried about. Even for those who don’t often use computers, we strive to make everything as simple as possible. You can join Star Care Team on your own—we have senior carers and carers of all ages and backgrounds who have accomplished it! Join Star Care Team as a senior carer or carer today to try it out for yourself. You’ll discover that Star Care Team makes it simple to book extra shifts. And if you need further assistance, our team is always available. You can get in touch with us over live chat, by phone at 01323 351983, or by email at info@starcareteam.com.

Have you thought about using Star Care Team to book additional senior carer or carer shifts but are concerned about the registration process? You do not need to be anymore! The registration process with Star Care Team is straightforward and can be completed online from your computer or mobile device.

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